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Frequent Asked Questions

How many rounds are in this competition?

A: Only one video audition round.


Is the music we audition required to be in original version?

A: Yes, the audition pieces have to be in original version. Contestants who play simplified, transcripted, or arranged version will be disqualified.

Can we play more than two pieces for video audition?

A: If the sum of the contestant's two audition pieces is shorter than 8 minutes, then we are happy to use the remaining time to hear the third audition piece!

How many pieces can winners play in showcase? Will there be a time limit?

A: It's winner's choice, as long as the performance time is within 8 minutes.

For showcase, do we have to play the same pieces as we did in live audition?

A: Winners have free of choice for showcase repertoires. However, the repertoires should reflect your best ability and be ready to perform. In addition, the total performance time should fall within 8 minutes.

Do winners compete again during the showcase?

A: No. Judge's decision is final after the live audition.