Frequent Asked Questions

How many rounds are in this competition?

A: Only one video audition round.


Is the music we audition required to be in original version?

A: Yes, the audition pieces have to be in original version. Contestants who play simplified, transcripted, or arranged version will be disqualified.

Can we play more than two pieces for video audition?

A: If the sum of the contestant's audition pieces is within the time limit, then we are happy to hear the more than two audition piece.

How many winners do you select?

A: Depend on the quality of the performances and the number of applicants

What's a Merit Award?

A: The contestants who are not selected as the 1st, 2nd, or the 3rd place winner but demonstrate excellent performance will receive Merit Award

Is there an age limit for adult's category?

A: No. Adult category is opened for contestants age 18 or older.


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