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Rules and Regulations


Registration and Video Submission due on December 10, 2023      

  • Registration fees are non-refundable under any circumstances.

  • The competition will be canceled if less than 15 participants are registered.  Registered participants will be notified, and registration fees will be refunded.

  • 1st place winners in the past competitions are not eligible to compete in the same age category.


  1. Click here to Register

  2. Click here to Submit Video


  • Age is as of the competition registration due date.

  • 5-6 Years old          8 minutes

  • 7-8 Years old          8 minutes

  • 9-10 Years old      10 minutes

  • 11-12 Years old    12 minutes

  • 13-14 Years old    12 minutes

  • 15-17 Years old    15 minutes

  • 18+ Years old        15 minutes


  • 1-2 solo Classical and/or Non-Classical piano pieces including arranged pieces

  • Memory required
  • 1 piece from the past competition may be reused when submitting 2 pieces.

  • Repertoire change is not allowed after the video has been submitted. 


  • Performance attire is required.

  • Videos should be in horizontal format with high quality sound.

  • The contestant should be visible from head to feet.

  • Videos must be recorded from a fixed camera angle, clearly showing both hands and pedal foot.

  • Videos must be unedited and unaltered.


  • The ratings are determined by the quality of the performances. The committee reserves the right to declare multiple winners or no winner in any categories.

  • Decisions of the judge committee are FINAL, and are not subject to review or challenge. 

  • Judge's comments are personal opinions.

  • Comment sheets appear without judges' names.

  • Contestants will receive certificates and comments (upon request) via U.S. mail 
    in 4-6 weeks

  • Each winner candidate must submit a photo ID for age verification.

  • Winners will be featured in the "Holiday Showcase" on our website with their names and performance videos selected by the committee.

    The Competition Committee reserves the right to use video and photo materials 
    submitted to the 

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