Rules and Regulations


Regular Deadline: July 25th  @ 11:59pm PST

Please click the Sign Up page to submit the registration fee and the Video Submission page to finish the sign up process.

Only YouTube or URL links are accepted. Google Drive, Dropbox, or other video format will not be viewed.

If you have entered our competition before, you may reuse only one piece from the past.



The contestant should be visible, from head to feet, in the video frame.  Performance attire is required.

The Competition Commetee reserves the right to use video and photo materials submitted to the Competition.


1-2 solo piano pieces (no more than 2 pieces) in classical genre, preferrably from contrasting historical periods (No pop, rag, jazz, film, country, rock music...etc).  


- Memory required.

- No simplified, transcripted, or arranged versions.

- No duet, ensembles, or piano concertos are allowed.

- No repeats including 1st and 2nd repeats.

- Sheet music of repertoire to be uploaded for judges reference.  Sheet music should have measure numbers at the beginning of each row. .



Judgement will be made upon the following criteriums.

- Artistry

- Technique

- Adherence to the score

- Understanding of the music

- Stage professionalism

- Comments are judicators' opinions

- Judgements are final



- 5-6 Years old     8 minutes

- 7-8 Years old     8 minutes

- 9-10 Years old   10 minutes

- 11-12 Years old  12 minutes

- 13-14 Years old  12 minutes

- 15-17 Years old  15 minutes

- 18+ Years old     15 minutes



- 1st Place: $100 cash award and a certificate

- 2nd Place: $90 cash award and a certificate

- 3rd Place: $80 cash award and a certificate

- Merit Award: A certificate for contestants who do not receive the 1st, 2 nd, or the 3rd place but demonstrate outstanding performance.

- Other participants receive Certificate of Participation.

- Multiple winners may be selected in each age category. The prize may be split when tied.


- The contestants will receive judge's comments upon request. The result and certificate will be delived by mail.

​- The minimum number of participants is 15, or the competition will be cancelled. In case of cancellation, participants will receive refund of application fee.


-1st Place winners in the past seasons are not eligible to compete in the same age category.